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I was born in 1953 to an animal loving father and a family already sharing life with a collie boxer named Brundy, Daddy brought home box turtles saving them from certain death on the highways. We lived in Overland Park, Kansas next to a forested area and they would all end up living there after escaping our back yard. Brundy also had a roomie named Harvey (of course, he was a rabbit). They were extremely good friends. Anyway, I have never been without a dog and have always shared living space with assorted cats, fish, rodents, birds, reptiles, etc. I am an animal lover from the word go totally loving and respecting all animals. Having spent a lot of time with them I have learned their languages and ways, and I listen to what they want from me before I throw myself at them. Even so, I am always amazed at the cats that come to greet me when I am tending to them as their families travel. I am usually told that I will not even see them and to just feed them, water them and clean their boxes. 99% of the time they are at the door as I come in and I love to sit on the floor and play. I pet and brush them as I babble on and on about such things as mice and catnip and other things that interest them. Dogs love me automatically since I am the one with the leash and the treat. It’s just too easy with them. They also enjoy me on the floor talking to and grooming them and asking them about the birds they were barking at a few minutes earlier in the back yard. It was a given that I would one day entertain the idea of becoming a pet sitter. And here I am in my third year and of course loving it. I really can’t see myself doing anything else ever again! I do feel a bit guilty as it is not at all like a job. I am just out playing with animals all day every day and smiling and loving life! No wonder my favorite thing to say besides here doggie or good kitty is life is good!!!

 I am the father of a beautiful 29 year old daughter and the husband of a wonderful ​woman . I have been married to Lib now for 30 years. I have lived in Salt Lake all of my life. We had a 50 year old business here and was sold 17 years ago. I then worked for a major corporation for 10 years. I took a big jump and left a comfort zone to do something that I really enjoy, caring for animals. I have now been pet sitting full time for 5 years add that to the full time sitting for our 4 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rat, 1 bird 1 bunny and fish... Its a long time. Nothing like caring for pets that have a big smile and a wet kiss every time you walk in the door.  Rick 


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Hi my name is Yasharah. Oh how I love animals! I am a very confident and trustworthy person and I love what I do. I've been affiliated with all sorts of animals all my life. And now I share my life with six; three dogs, two guinea pigs, and a rabbit. I have a lot of experience from the veterinarian procedures course I took in high school and the many animals I have fostered. I have dealt with many different animal personalities and activity levels while maintaining control. I know how frustrating it can be for dogs not get enough exercise and how they may start acting out at home because of it. I love to get that extra energy out of them which helps to make them happier and healthier family members. I am very excited to be caring for pets with Happy Paws and will always show the love and respect they deserve. Yasharah started with Happy Paws March 2013

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