New clients please get a hold of us at least a week before you need pet sitting or dog walking services. Any later then we may booked or be very pressed to meet. 

  • The first step is the initial meeting 

We will meet you and your pet or pets to see if we have good chemistry and go over the pets needs, food and walking. We will have a paperwork to be signed and also have a copy of our liability and bonding insurance for you. We will also go over anything that needs to be done around the home: lights, curtains, mail, garbage, plants, gardens, alarm systems, etc.. 

It would be good to pick up a key at this time so please have a copy made and handy for us. 

  • The day you leave

We will contact you a day before and also send a

confirmation email with the days needed for pet sitting. Please leave out: paper towels, cleaning supplies, broom and dust pan or a good note letting us know where they can be found. Clients have put sticky notes on doors also.

  • While you are away 

We are very happy to send pics and texts or emails to you and keep you updated on your pet or pets. It does put a smile on your face knowing your kids are doing fine and you can show them off to your friends and family. We also post pictures on our FB page.

  • When you return home

Please call or text when you return home

What's Next ?

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